Quality Monitoring

STAFF 2Throughout our daily working activity we monitor by close governance, We individually Spot check our team at 3 month intervals.

Staff appraisals are held every three months.

The team all have regular meetings with the HR Manager giving them an independent advocate’s voice.

We hold Branch meetings once per month, a Company meeting every six months and management meetings fortnightly with KPI’s set.

We hold regular client reviews specifically under taken by the registered provider ensuring no bias.

Throughout our literature there are multitudes of ways for clients to raise any concern and make choices they have access to this also via the website and leaflets within the care folder and incorporated within the care plans. Clients are frequently reminded of the choices to request a review at any point. These will be undertaken within 7 days of request.

STAFF 3We distribute 6-monthly QA Surveys. Our last survey showed 98% of visits were on time. We are extremely proud of this as 60% of our client base is classed Rural.

We have a Quality Assurance Manager whom monitors staff performance and ensure all procedures are adhered too. Within our infrastructure we are able to complete annual reports of performance on any member of staff enabling appraisals and quality monitoring at outstanding levels.

We train our staff in line with Cambridgeshire County Council’s minimum standards.

We aim for continuity by having no more than 5 workers working with one client at any one time. We do this by limiting work area.

Professional access via online portals. Professionals have access to invoices or outcomes and they can request care changes as they happen, reducing carbon foot print and phone calls.

Lone working individual risk assessments are undertaken for each lone working environment. Workers are supported through a 24 hour on call system.

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