Learning Disability Support

Learning Disability


All learning disability is unique to the person, and in every case we must concentrate on people’s gifts and strengths.


We successfully support people with mental health problems to live independently and within the local community.

We strive to get a good match between the person and the worker this is vital, we don’t just look at experience or qualifications. We look at people, likes or dislikes, humour, age, background we ensure that people feel completely comfortable and constantly monitor.




Communication is vitally important to us, so we always look for feedback and carry

out regular reviews with individuals, their family or circle of support, to ensure they feel comfortable with the support they are receiving. This model provides a real opportunity to develop a great working relationship.

To often people are forced to live with others in group or residential settings, and as the alternative is often seen as too costly, having ‘live-in’ carers means that people have a choice in how they live and who they live with. We believe this is an excellent model of support and one that should seriously be considered for anyone with a learning disability needing support.





Enabling control


We aim to support people with learning disabilities to live independently, having support means that the person can exercise choice and control over their life in ways that would not usually be possible.


Everyone is unique


By encouraging people to take control of their lives and have a real belief in their potential, we can improve the quality of life for everyone we work with, regardless of their ability.
That means supporting people to achieve the things that matter to them most – this could be finding employment, having an active social life, learning new skills, or building self-confidence.


quality care support3

We aim to provide Familiarity

Familiarity and consistency are acknowledged to be the best way of enabling people to remain in their own home, in a familiar environment to them and in a recognised routine.




- The Quality of our team is unrivalled by treating our people the best, we get the best.




- Our carers form a diverse group, spanning age, gender & skills.

Freedom of choice


We listen, we ask, ‘you’ our client are in control by giving you choice, you get the care and support you need, enabling you to lead the life you want.


Flexibility & communication


- By giving you these, you and your family will feel able to make changes and to live as you wish to live.HOME CARE SWAVESEY CAMBS

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