Funding Home Care

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What we can offer….



Flexible costs


Our service is always adapted to your needs. We will always start by sending a senior member of the team to meet with you in your own home for a more accurate picture of needs and cost.


Our pricing is simple we have one flat rate. No increases for mileage or times of day time or year.


The only thing we charge extra for is when using the call out service but there are no hidden costs even for this.


Payments can be made by BACS Cheque or Credit or Debit card.


We will provide a simple easy to read monthly invoice with all the visits clearly displayed, you can also go on your own web secure web page to see your invoices as they happen.


Private payments


If you’re not eligible for Government funding then there are a number of options available to help fund any care needed privately. Please call us to discuss and we can advise and point you in the right direction.


Local authority funded care services


Working closely with our local authorities, we currently provide carers to visit private homes across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk and Essex.


STAFF 4Direct payments


You may qualify for financial help with your care via Direct Payments provided by Cambridge, Suffolk, or Essex council.

If you are currently unhappy with your care provider simply call us and we can arrange a swift hassle free handover, which will leave you in control.


Personal budgets


The government allocates a Personal Budget to each person who is eligible, which is given to customers after an assessment. Anyone can request an assessment.


Below is a checklist of things to think about when planning to pay for care.


Help from social services


Even if you have assets or savings, help may be available through local social services assessment. A person’s right to an assessment depends on their needs rather than their wealth. Some types of social services help are means tested. However there are service which our local authorities must provide free of charge to everyone.

If you do not think you have had the correct or fair you are able to make a complaint.


NEWNHS continuing care


If you have severe or essential needs these can be eligible for free from ‘continuing care’ from the NHS.


Claim any benefits you’re eligible for


Get a full benefits check to make sure you’re both claiming everything that you’re entitled to. You may be able to do this through a local Citizens Advice Bureau. To find your nearest access to help search NHS online directory.


Other financial help


You may be able to get help with living costs too such as help with health costs, utility bills, TV licence discounts or VAT relief for disabled people.




You may be entitled to help from your pensions scheme You can find more information at the government’s pension tracing service on GOV.UK.




There are benevolent societies that give grants to people who have been employed in particular industries or services such as miners chemical workers or Ex-Regimental funds and associations or with a specific illness or disability. Turn 2 Us is a wonderful charity that can help find such programs and assistance. There is a list of benevolent funds within the Times website which can be a huge help.




You may be able to save money in other ways too. The Money Advice Service has online tools that can give you a clear picture about money.


Savings and investments


If you have savings or other assets, you may think about using these to pay for care. But’s it’s worth getting independent financial advice. FirstStop provides free, independent information and advice about care, housing, finance, and can be an invaluable source of information.


You can also look on your own Portal at any time seeing your bill and leaving you in control.


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